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PowerHub CEO Phil Obendorf reflects on REPlus23 and the status of the industry at large. (Graphic by the pvbuzz|media team)


  • The RE+ 2023 event showcased remarkable progress within the renewable sector, driven by legislative milestones just like the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Investments in local manufacturing, similar to the QCells plant, are revolutionizing the renewable supply chain, promising a sustainable energy future.
  • Energy storage, connectivity solutions, and expanded charging networks highlight the industry’s dedication to making a resilient, inclusive, and future-ready green infrastructure.

As I slowly readjust to the rhythm of every day life after the exhilaration of the RE+ event, a torrent of thoughts and emotions swirl inside me.

This event wasn’t just one other milestone; it was a testament to the progress, collaboration, and innovation defining our industry. I’ve also had a moment to assemble my thoughts and truly appreciate the strides our industry is making:


The PowerHub team at REPlus23. From Left to Right: Bryan Asa, Phil Obendorf and James Mastin (Image courtesy of James Mastin).

IRA’s Impact
Few legislative acts have made waves just like the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Its ramifications within the renewable sector are profound and far-reaching. Since its inception in 2022 – an unexpected political maneuver – the IRA pledged an ambitious $370 billion to appreciate a vision: 80% clean electricity and a 40% decrease in climate pollution by 2030. Fast forward to today, and we see guarantees turning into tangible results: $278 billion in private clean energy investments, a workforce enriched by 170,000 jobs, and a whopping $70 billion funneled into rebates and funding.

Development & Investment
The renewable energy landscape of 2022, scarred by trade restrictions and provide chain hiccups, painted a bleak picture. But as dawn all the time follows the darkest hour, 2023 heralds a revival, with forecasts suggesting a 40% surge within the wind and solar PV sectors. The IRA’s stability assurance, combined with existing tax advantages, indicates an excellent brighter horizon post-2024.

Local Manufacturing
The induction of the QCells plant isn’t just an addition; it’s a revolution for our supply chain. Spearheading this variation is Hanwha, QCells’ parent entity, crafting a sustainable solar future for North America. Their collaborative enterprise with Canadian Premium Sand (CPS) guarantees low-carbon, locally-sourced products, setting a benchmark for eco-conscious manufacturing.

Give attention to Storage

The RE+ event spotlighted energy storage’s pivotal role, bridging the gaps between diverse energy solutions. As technologies evolve, and battery costs dip, storage systems are not any longer ancillary; they’re indispensable, harmonizing supply with demand and ensuring uninterrupted power.

Connectivity Challenges
Every industry has its Achilles’ heel, and ours is connectivity. Yet, it’s invigorating to witness the unyielding efforts by the Department of Energy and state dignitaries to rectify this. By endorsing cutting-edge grid systems and research, we’re paving the best way for a grid that’s resilient, inclusive, and future-ready.


PowerHub CEO Phil Obendorf (bottom left) met esteemed industry colleagues from Canada while at REPlus23 (Selfie by Phil Obendorf).

Community Solar
The burgeoning stature of the community solar market underscores its potential to democratize clean energy access. With the installed capability showcasing exponential growth since 2010, the ambition to impress 5 million American households via community solar by 2025 seems less a dream, more a reality within the making.

Charging Networks
The tentacles of charging networks are stretching, moving from affluent urban pockets to America’s heartland. This inclusivity is pivotal for mainstreaming electric vehicle adoption, making green transit not a luxury, but a norm.

Final Thoughts
As I pen down these reflections, pride and optimism surge inside me. The collective ethos at RE+ 2023 was palpable: “we rise together.” Such solidarity, steered by our mission to counteract climate change, unveils our industry’s true might.

We’re greater than mere business entities; we’re the vanguard of a worldwide paradigm shift. With collaboration as our compass, innovation as our engine, and sustainability as our destination, we’ll forge ahead. Together, we’ll sculpt a legacy that resonates for eons.

Here’s to our collective journey – where dreams morph into actions, and aspirations manifest as legacies.


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