With the upcoming mayoral election, Living Green Barrie might be helping residents get to know where candidates stand on environmental issues with a mayoral debate.

Organizers say five of Barrie’s seven mayoral candidates have agreed to take part in the virtual debate on the environment.

The talk might be held on Zoom on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. and moderated by former Ontario environmental commissioner Gord Miller.

“A few of our major environmental problems are global in scope and require motion on the national level. Nevertheless it is becoming clear that the impacts on the environment are very local, and our legislators have to pay attention to the necessity for municipal government responses,” said Miller.

Living Green Barrie’s vice-chair Peter Tretter said the choice to carry a debate got here after three-term Mayor Jeff Lehman decided he wouldn’t seek a fourth term.

“It’s an ideal opportunity for voters to seek out out concerning the environmental issues that matter to them,” Tretter said.

Relating to checking out where candidates stand on local environmental issues, Tretter said they’ve given them a special task.

“There are such a lot of issues that might be covered, but we’re actually difficult our candidates to bring to the controversy a photograph of two areas, certainly one of what’s one of the best environmental project in Barrie of their opinion, and one area that needs work,” Tretter said.

“They’re going to inform us the story about these areas, and it should be interesting to see how much they agree and where they diverge.”

The candidates confirmed to attend are Andrew Gordon, Gerry Marshall, Mike McCann, Alex Nuttall and Barry Ward.

The general public can register to attend this free event by Oct. 2 on the Living Green Barrie website.


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