An odd situation is unfolding Latest Westminster’s Victoria Hill neighbourhood as residents said they’ve received dozens, perhaps lots of, of unsolicited Uber Eats food orders.

The orders range from bottles of water to a doughnut or perhaps a single bowl of gravy — which is all paid for.

“It’s like this insane barrage of deliveries,”  Jennifer Hughes said, an affected resident. “Every half-hour the baggage would just show up.”

There aren’t any names listed on the orders and no specific units or addresses are attached to the order outside of a generic address for multiple townhouse complexes, which has been happening for weeks, the residents said.

“We’re all at a lack of what to do…it is rather wasteful and, seemingly, there is no such thing as a stopping,” Hughes said.

“(Thursday) alone there have been dozens and dozens of deliveries in your entire neighbourhood. All piling up in front of doors and condo buildings.“

Hughes said she reached out to others within the neighbourhood through a community Facebook group where dozens of other residents said they were experiencing the deliveries as well.

“There was a lineup down the road in front of our house of delivery drivers,” Geoff McLennan told Global News on Saturday.

“They were all laughing to one another and one driver said there have been ‘hundreds of orders that spiked’ over the recent weeks to the neighbourhood. They didn’t know what was occurring either.”

The residents said they’ve contacted Latest Westminster police but, based on the residents, police said they aren’t in a position to address the problem.

Uber Eats confirmed the residents’ stories, and an official said they’ve banned quite a few accounts placing the orders.

“The reports of unsolicited deliveries are concerning,” an Uber spokesperson said.

“We is not going to hesitate to take additional motion if the unsolicited orders proceed. Uber has a dedicated public safety team that’s standing by to work with police.”

Global News has reached out to Latest Westminister police for comment.


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