Tigra-Lee Campbell (She/They) is a Jamaican/Indigenous mother and activist. Tigra-Lee was born in Edmonton and has called Lloydminster home since 2015. Her work, personal life and volunteer endeavors are focused on community development through fostering opportunities, relationships and collaboration. Tigra-Lee is an advocate for systemic change, reducing bureaucracy and increasing access, through the amplification of the voices of marginalized people.

Tigra-Lee works in Alberta’s energy sector where she engages in Indigenous partnerships and opportunities to balance inequity within the energy field. She recognizes the necessity for diversification and retraining programs, and believes  Indigenous land stewardship is the pathway to a greener tomorrow.

Tigra-Lee’s deal with balancing family with on a regular basis life brings a recent perspective of change to the Lloydminster area. As a mother of three, she knows the importance of health care, social services and leaving a sustainable and supported future for our youngsters. She incorporates the Green values of “doing politics in a different way” by putting people first.

Her goal is to go away a greater, kinder place for all people, especially the younger generation by passionately constructing a greater future for Vermilion-Lloydminster-Wainwright while collaborating toward sustainable solutions today.

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