OTTAWA — The sphere of contenders vying to turn out to be leader of the federal Green Party just got a bit of smaller.

Nova Scotia computer scientist and veteran Judy Green is withdrawing from the race and throwing her support behind fellow candidate David Merner of British Columbia.

Green’s withdrawal follows a battle simply to get on the ballot after the party’s vetting committee rejected her candidacy in early June, before she successfully appealed the choice.

Green didn’t say in her Facebook post announcing her withdrawal on Sunday why she was stepping down from the race, which is able to see a latest leader elected to interchange Elizabeth May in October.

But party records released earlier this month showed that she was outside the highest five when it comes to fundraising among the many party’s nine leadership hopefuls.

The records showed Toronto lawyer Annamie Paul was far and away the fundraising leader, as she had pulled in about one-third of all the cash donated in the course of the leadership race.



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