Welcome to our National Hub’s Founding Members!

  • Environics Research: A 100% Canadian-owned firm based in Toronto that gives a broad array of research, consulting and communications services, from traditional public opinion polling and market research to advanced studies of human values and social change. Read their story here.

“Taking responsibility for the environment and addressing climate change are essential to everyone at Environics. Making a difference is an element of our DNA, and at a time when greenwashing abounds, we were very impressed with Green Economy’s substantive approach to facilitating meaningful change.”
– Barry Watson, President and CEO of Environics Research

  • AzSpecd Solutions: A renewable energy solutions provider from Dartmouth that focuses on products that are aesthetically pleasing, manufactured in North America when possible, and simply integrated into each urban and rural settings. Read their story here.

“They are saying that life is a journey which takes many turns, and that is actually true for me. 35 years in architectural sales has brought me so far where I feel I can use this experience to assist enact positive change in our communities and our world. My wish is to go away a legacy that can allow my children and grandchildren to live and grow on a planet which is clean and sustainable”
– Barry Osmun, President of AzSpecd Solutions

  • Swell Made Co: A Canadian brand based in Halifax that designs easy, yet daring paper goods and gifts for swell people. Read their story here.

“Doing good is sweet business. It’s that straightforward. Small businesses have tremendous agency to do good of their communities and on the earth. Swell Made Co. takes that responsibility seriously by working with partners like GEC. Finding your voice as a small business might be daunting. GEC’s support and guidance has been integral in advancing sustainability through our small business.”
– Lesley Robb, Owner and Designer of Swell Made Co.

  • FLO: A number one electric vehicle (EV) charging network operator and a wise charging solutions provider fighting climate change by accelerating EV adoption in North America. Read their story here.

“Sustainability is on the core of what we do. FLO’s mission is to fight climate change and speed up electric vehicle adoption by offering probably the most dependable EV charging experience from curbside to countryside. As FLO grows internationally, we all know that being a sustainability leader means we want to walk the walk. Joining Green Economy Canada allows us to learn from and with other like minded corporations as we work together to advance our sustainability journeys and construct a greater planet for generations to come back.”
– Louis Tremblay, President and CEO of FLO

  • Harvest Recycling: A Calgary-based small business helping organizations achieve maximum diversion from the landfill through their revolutionary collection and processing system. Read their story here.

“We joined Green Economy Canada because they supply a platform for like-minded organizations to construct sustainability into their operations, which is able to put us in a greater position to assist our customers with their very own sustainability efforts.”
– Peter Olorundimu, Chief Executive Officer, Harvest Recycling


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