About 40 vehicles collided on an icy highway near capital Seoul on Sunday, leaving one dead and dozens injured, officials said.

Officials on the northern Gyeonggi Province fire department said the variety of injuries could grow as rescue staff proceed to reply to the accident that occurred Sunday night on the Guri-Pocheon highway.

Photos showed cops and rescuers with stretchers rushing through throngs of cars on a road scattered with debris. Most of the vehicles, which included a minimum of one commuter bus, had damaged fronts or rear-ends and a few appeared to have been knocked sideways.

Kim Dong-wan, an official on the department, said a minimum of three motorists were in critical condition and one other one that had been transported to a hospital in cardiac arrest was pronounced dead. A minimum of 29 others sustained light injuries, he said.

Ahn Jeong-hee, one other official on the department, said the accident was likely brought on by icy road conditions and snow.


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