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CAIRO – 5 November 2022: The Save the Children Fund released a press release on its official website calling on governments at COP27 to support the creation of a finance mechanism to combat the loss and damage of climate change that severly affected children’s rights. 

The Fund, commonly generally known as Save the Children, said that COP27, which is going down in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh starting Sunday, represents certainly one of the ultimate opportunities to get the climate emergency under control and supply ambitious funding to secure a secure future for our planet and generations to come back.  

“The climate crisis is a toddler rights crisis and the selections made in Sharm el-Sheikh will affect children’s futures,” the statement said. 

It further added that “It would take months, if not years, to repair the flood damage in all five countries. Nonetheless, the size of need required for sustainable and resilient reconstruction likely exceeds many of the countries’ available resources,” urging countries to take firm steps towards sustainable solutions to scale back the negative effects. 

The fund said that widespread flooding over the past three months has thrown the lives of about 19 million children off target in the highest five most impacted countries, highlighting the necessity for COP27 summit to get the climate emergency under control.

Save the Children teams have been responding to the floods in essentially the most impacted countries where the help organization works (Pakistan, Nigeria, South Sudan and India).  

Save the Children, is a global non-governmental organization established in the UK in 1919 to enhance the lives of kids through higher education, health care, and economic opportunities in addition to providing emergency aid in natural disasters, war, and other conflicts. 


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