Tricks, treats and spooky spectacles could also be over for one more 12 months, but many Winnipeggers’ yards are still displaying festive Jack o’ lanterns.

For anyone wondering what to do with their pumpkin now that Halloween has passed, how about throwing it off the highest of a parkade?

Compost Winnipeg desires to help locals do exactly that, with the second-annual pumpkin drop event at CF Polo Park.

The organization’s Karrie Blackburn told Global News the event, which takes place Saturday, is a chance to smash some fun into being environmentally conscious.

“We park underneath the second level of the parkade at Polo Park, near Sport Chek, and other people line up at the highest, second level, and just nudge (their pumpkin) off the ledge… and it goes ‘splat’ within the truck.”

Blackburn said around a thousand Winnipeggers participated in last 12 months’s inaugural event, leading to greater than 24 kilograms of pumpkins getting composted.

Because it seems, when organic waste gets disposed of within the landfill, it doesn’t decompose properly, and may actually be more dangerous to the environment than one might expect.

“It doesn’t have oxygen present, so it actually decomposes anaerobically — which suggests it produces methane, a really, very potent greenhouse gas,” Blackburn said.

“By composting it individually, not only does it prevent that, it also gives you a finished product — you find yourself with compost, a soil amendment.

“We are able to’t be a disruption within the cycle … we’ve to place back what we take from the natural world.”


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