A Nova Scotia woodworker says an area lake dragon that’s been beloved by many may very well be getting a remake soon.

For the reason that Fifties, a lake in Fall River, N.S., has been home to an iconic wood dragon, dubbed the Miller Lake Dragon. Though it’s modified in appearance over time, it’s been a consistent sight for a lot of driving by for many years.

Now, one woodworker is raising money to present the Miller Lake Dragon, Emily, a much-needed facelift.

John Robidoux has been living in Halifax since 1976, and has been a fan of the dragon ever since.

“You simply couldn’t go by without on the lookout for the Miller Lake Dragon,” said Robidoux on Global News Morning.

The story began with an oddly-shaped log floating across the lake within the early Fifties.

Afterward, a dragon head was built out of paper mache by local resident Patti Snow, who named it Mortimer.

The Snow family continued the tradition and have been watching after the dragon for many years. Additionally they made its most-recent rendition, Emily, within the early 2000s.

No photo description available.

Each winter, they take Emily out of the lake and keep her of their home until the late springtime, when she’s placed back into the water.

Based on woodworker Robidoux, the Snows “are all for it,” to have a latest dragon built. He said he spoke to them last 12 months and those that live in the realm would help remove it from the water and return it when ready.

He said he desires to create something more visible, that stands out.

“She’s almost a mascot… It’s just one among those things that you could have to look within the lake to see that dragon whenever you go by,” he said.

His reiteration could be a more detailed and realistic dragon-figure carving.

He recently began a GoFundMe fundraiser for the project. With a goal of $2,000, he hopes to fund the wood, paint, supplies, permit and a GPS chip for the dragon.

The GPS chip costs a dollar a day, Robidoux said.

“To ensure that the dragon to remain where it’s… the GPS chip must be implanted, slightly security for it.”

He’s also already picked out a reputation. He said it was inspired by Chinese folklore, by which thedragon presiding over rivers and waterways was named Dilong.

Robidoux said he challenges the 16 HRM councillors to contribute to the fundraiser.


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