Green Party of Canada's Response to Hurricane Fiona

OTTAWA – The Green Party of Canada condemns the hatred, racism, misogyny, homophobia and utter disrespect for treasured Canadian institutions displayed by a number of the participants within the so-called “Freedom Convoy” protest in Ottawa.

“We are going to at all times defend the proper of residents to assemble in peaceful protest, but what we’ve seen over the past 4 days is indefensible,” said interim Green Party Leader Amita Kuttner.

“The catalogue of outrages is long, well-documented and, frankly, appalling: flying swastikas and confederate battle flags; desecrating memorials to our veterans and to national hero Terry Fox; stealing food from the homeless; and threatening local residents and businesses.

“Whatever legitimacy this ‘protest’ can have had has been squandered by these images being beamed out of Ottawa. 

“Because the pandemic drags on, we recognize that many individuals are struggling while many more are drained and frustrated. But that doesn’t justify this display of hate and anger in Ottawa. This can be a time for Canadians to work together to reduce further sickness and death and to be sure that the teachings of COVID are learned and acted upon. 

“We call on the protesters to finish the takeover of our national capital and we urge all Canadians to follow the recommendation of public health officials and get vaccinated.”


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