The City of Kingston is moving forward with a latest green initiative.

What the town is looking the green standard community improvement plan offers incentives to property owners who construct structures that minimize greenhouse gas emissions while also meeting the necessities of Ontario’s constructing code.

Town says buildings account for roughly 40 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in Kingston, or greater than 1,100 tonnes every year.

“If we’re serious about lowering our carbon footprint, we want to have a look at how we construct. This program recognizes and addresses the extra costs involved in green constructing,” says Julie Salter-Keane, manager of the town’s climate leadership division.

This program could help avoid as much as 800 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per yr if successful, the town said.

Salter-Keane says the profit is the results of years of labor and research.

“We learned first-hand what the barriers are to constructing more efficient structures, and we now have developed a program that addresses those concerns,” she said.

Staff are planning a full launch of the initiative in early 2022.


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