Other than the 2 Green MPs, several other contenders have been touted as possible leadership options for the federal party.

Quebec Green party leader Alex Tyrrell, Prince Edward Island’s Green leader Peter Bevan-Baker and the Recent Brunswick Green party’s David Coon have been seen as potential names to go as much as bat on the leadership plate.

Bevan-Baker and Coon, specifically, have already got provincial experience of their respective legislatures.

One other name to contemplate is Jody Wilson-Raybould, who shares close ties with May. The only Independent MP from Vancouver had mentioned potentially joining the Greens prior to the election, and might make a move now that May is out of the fold.

“There’s little doubt in Canadian politics that parties profit from the momentum from the leadership race, and I feel the timing is correct for us,” said Roberts.

“We had an awesome diversity in our slate of candidates on this election. We would like to offer … a few of those candidates a possibility to say, ‘What would your vision be moving forward?’ and to bring that to a leadership race.”

With files from the Canadian Press


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