Halloween is nearing, nevertheless it won’t be long before the age-old query arises: What to do along with your pumpkin(s)?

While sending it to the landfill is one option, cooking and composting are also good decisions.

“Pumpkins are great so as to add to your composter because they’re high in nitrogen,” said Rae Stewart of the Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO).

“In the event you cut them into small pieces and add some fall leaves, they may break down much faster than leaving them whole. By next spring, you’ll have an amazing, nutrient-rich soil amendment so as to add to your garden or lawn.”

In the event you don’t compost, the pumpkins could be placed into curbside yard-waste carts. The RDCO says yard-waste collection runs until the tip of December.

And in case your pumpkin manages to survive Halloween unscathed, the RDCO says to contemplate cooking options.

“When toasted or baked, pumpkins could be wealthy in potassium and protein,” says the RDCO.

Other cooking options for pumpkins include making pumpkin spice lattes and turning it into a short-term planter.

On a continued Halloween note, the RDCO said while candy wrappers can’t be placed in recycling carts, they could be returned to a recycling depot as a part of the flexible packaging recycling program.

For more information on composting, yard waste or recycling collection programs, visit the RDCO’s website.


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