Green Party of Canada's Response to Hurricane Fiona

OTTAWA – Because the planet ventures further into the climate crisis unfolding before us, we want someone to bring Canadians together and lead the charge for substantial and positive change within the ways we govern ourselves.

Our Party prides itself on inclusivity and transparency, and this campaign will show those values.

The leadership search starts today: we’re searching for Greens from across the country who wish to enter this arena and persuade the membership that they’ve what it’ll take to re-ignite the party that’s recognized as ‘the conscience of Canada’.

The leadership race is split into two stages. At the primary stage, Greens will vote to narrow the sphere to 4 candidates.

On the second stage of the campaign, Greens will assess the 4 remaining candidates’ leadership skills and their visions for a sustainable future, then rank the candidates on a preferential ballot. Considered one of the “Final 4” shall be elected as the brand new Leader of the Green Party of Canada.

Potential candidates are encouraged to use now. The applying period will remain open until August 5.

The primary round of voting shall be held between October 7 to fifteen

The second round of voting shall be held between November 12 and 19.

The outcomes shall be announced at 8 pm Eastern on November 19.

Now it’s time for Greens to roll up their sleeves, get entangled, and help create the longer term of the Party.


For more information:
George Orr


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