Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) will host the Canada Pavilion during COP15. The Canada Pavilion will provide an opportunity for Indigenous organizations and representatives, civil society, governments, industry, and other stakeholders to showcase Canadian action and leadership on biodiversity conservation, support ambitious outcomes at COP15, and amplify the voices of underrepresented groups, particularly Indigenous peoples, women and youth.

The Canada Pavilion will:

  • showcase the breadth and diversity of Canadian biodiversity efforts and successes;
    profile Canadian leadership that can be scaled up across Canada and the globe;
  • advance one or more objectives of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity;
  • address one or more Global Biodiversity Framework targets, particularly those that are more challenging and less defined;
  • address one or more of the 5 main drivers of biodiversity loss (that is, changing land and sea use; overexploitation of nature; climate change; invasive alien species; and pollution);
  • drive ambitious outcomes on the Global Biodiversity Framework and encourage other Parties to increase ambition, including setting a global biodiversity conservation goal of 30% by 2030;
  • strengthen Parties’ implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity through stronger planning, reporting, and review systems that will clearly track our global progress and encourage countries to be accountable to commitments;
  • set the stage for ambitious domestic implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework post-COP15; and
  • advance ECCC’s priorities and mandate commitments, including:
  • – halting and reversing nature loss by 2030, while achieving a full recovery for nature by 2050
  • – conserving 30% of land and waters by 2030; highlighting the important role of Indigenous peoples as a key element of the Global Biodiversity Framework, as stewards of biodiversity;
  • – mobilizing resources to halt and reverse biodiversity loss, including changing the way we collectively account for, value and fund nature and biodiversity;
  • – amplifying voices of historically underrepresented groups, in particular Indigenous peoples, women, and youth; and
  • – addressing the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change, including by using nature-based climate solutions.
    Call for proposal
    The Canada Pavilion will host a number of events over the course of COP15, including presentations, panel discussions, roundtables, etc. It is expected that the majority of events would last between 45 minutes and 2 hours, subject to availability of time. Canada is seeking creative, accessible, and innovative event proposals that are original in terms of event format, while still accomplishing the objectives outlined above. Events that involve partnerships and contributions from multiple and/or diverse organizations will be given priority. Regional representation will also be sought.


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