A Saskatchewan company has been ordered to pay hundreds of dollars in unremitted tire recycling fees to the Tire Stewardship of Saskatchewan.

The Ministry of Environment said an investigation found Silk Tire Inc. was selling tires at its stores in Foam Lake and Kelvington, but was not remitting any tire recycling fees that were collected at the purpose of sale.

On Aug. 27, the corporate pleaded guilty to selling tires without participating in an approved tire recycling program and was ordered to pay $217,699 in unremitted fees.

Silk Tire must also pay $6,975 in accounting fees and was fined $1,400.

Under provincial regulations, anyone selling tires in Saskatchewan is required to be a part of the province’s Scrap Tire Recycling Program.

Sellers must collect tire recycling fees from buyers on the time of buying latest tires or equipment and vehicles with tires, that are then remitted to the Tire Stewardship of Saskatchewan.

Tires collected in this system are recycled into various materials, including tire crumb, which is used to fabricate products comparable to patio block, parking curbs and speed bumps.


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