Recycling electronics, Barb Crowe with Travel Suggestions, coping with hypertension and Kermode seeks a house in Adopt a Pet.

Here’s your morning rewind for the Thursday, Oct. 20, edition of Global News Morning Saskatoon.

Recycling old electronics goal of the EPRA

The Electronic Products Recycling Association is urging people to recycle their old phones, computers and other electronic products.

Many elderly electronics are stuffed with beneficial materials that will be put back into the manufacturing supply chain.

Gayleen Creelman, the association’s program director, explains what happens to the electronics during recycling.

Stress-free travel and European vacations: Travel Suggestions

Travel advisor Barb Crowe recently returned from Europe and says it was “smooth sailing” on her flights from Budapest to Saskatoon.

She also has deals for people seeking to head to Europe on vacation.

Hypertension affecting nearly 1 in 4 Canadians: survey

Almost eight million Canadian adults are affected by hypertension, in line with a recent survey from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

That’s about one in 4 adults in Canada, raising concerns amongst health professionals.

Dr. Brett Graham looks on the findings of the survey, individuals at high risk and moving forward with the prevention and managing hypertension.

Kermode seeks a recent home in Adopt a Pet

Meet Kermode, a ten-week-old lab mix on the Saskatoon SPCA who needs a recent home.

Jemma Omidian on the shelter also speaks in regards to the need for volunteers and an upcoming 50-50 draw.

Saskatoon morning weather outlook: Thursday, Oct. 20

Temperatures start a downward slide — Chantal Wagner along with your Thursday, Oct. 20, morning SkyTracker forecast.


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