The BC Green Party has released its plan to rebuild the provincial economy after COVID-19 with a concentrate on climate motion.

Campaigning in Nanaimo Friday, Green Leader Sonia Furstenau said the Green promise goes even further than the prevailing Clean B.C. plan, which she said never would have happened under the minority NDP government if not for her party.

Furstenau said a Green government would initiate a just transition program for staff to maneuver to guaranteed jobs within the clean economy.

The plan would establish a $1-billion strategic investment fund to support business innovation, especially initiatives that may help B.C. shift to a zero carbon economy.

The Greens would also immediately reinstate the scheduled carbon tax increase and return to regular increases of $10 per yr.

Other initiatives include requiring 100 per cent zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035 and committing to make B.C. carbon neutral by 2045.

Furstenau criticized the NDP for subsidizing the oil and gas industry concurrently claiming to work to stop climate change.


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