Ever since cannabis was legalized, there’s been a lingering query over what to do with all of the pot packaging. An Edmonton startup has sorted out the plastic problem and is now taking advantage of it.

Saban’s plastic recycling business found a lot success so quickly primarily because of cannabis containers.

“Customers would take the cannabis containers back to the retail stores and we might collect all of those containers on a monthly basis,” Saban said.

Saban credits the cannabis consumers for being avid recyclers.

“At such a young industry there’s a chance to advertise change and the consumers are those driving these programs. They know that the cannabis containers have a variety of plastic that’s just wasted,” Saban said.

Consider it or not, cannabis containers won’t get recycled for those who put them in your blue bag at home — identical to a variety of plastic items.

“I believe the misunderstanding of a recycling program is anything you set in your blue bag might be recycled. As much as we wish to think that, we call that wish cycling — it just doesn’t occur. ”

“We sort the plastic, we process it after which we’re in a position to manufacture latest products that we’re in a position to sell,” Saban said.

He said town will sort plastics based on commodity value.

“In order that they’re only going to speculate in spending the time and resources to tug plastics out that they’ll bail and sell. Once you take a look at the plastic processors that produce recycled pellets, they wish to buy a really consistent feed stock because their end market are the mass manufacturers that need very consistent plastic material.”

“Often times the plastic container would just go to landfill — which is less expensive of an option — but that’s where firms are investing in higher programs to support their goals.”


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