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CAIRO – 22 October 2022: Egypt began implementing the Presidential Initiative to plant 100 million trees in 9,900 sites across governorates on an area of ​​as much as 6600 acres suitable for tree forests or gardens and to supply the needed agricultural seedlings.


The Ministry of Local Development is following up on the tree planting work. It is meant that the ministry will contribute to the initiative by planting 79.7 million trees, while the Ministry of Environment and Housing and Latest Urban Communities will complete the planting of 20.3 million trees.


The Ministry of Local Development goals to plant 7.7 million trees through the current fiscal yr, of which 5 million trees are planted directly by the ministry and a pair of.7 the governorates are committed to planting them.


As a part of the initiative, a complete of 1.83 million trees are planted in Cairo, and 670,000 trees are planted in Giza. 


Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, directed the chief bodies within the governorates, in coordination with civil associations lively in the sphere of environmental improvement, members of Parliament, popular leaders, youth and businessmen, to advertise the “100 million trees” initiative and plant trees on roads and central islands.


Egypt, which is hosting the upcoming COP27 climate conference, considers planting 100 million trees nationwide as a part of the efforts to extend green spaces and reduce greenhouse gases in a bid to combat climate change. 


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