Editor’s note: This story has been updated to make clear that Fundy Regional Service Commission, a waste management service, operated the bins outside grocery stores and never the City of Saint John.

The City of Saint John’s latest waste collection program goes into effect next Monday, and people who live in apartment buildings could also be left and not using a convenient technique to recycle.

Up until now, residents were in a position to take their recycling and drop it off at large blue bins outside of grocery stores, which were operated by Fundy Regional Service Commission.

But now, the town is implementing its own program and giving residents who live in houses smaller ones to maintain outside their home.

The Fundy Regional Service Commission bins will likely be removed.

Town’s program will cost roughly $3 million and can take between eight and nine years to repay, and won’t be available to those that are in apartment buildings — about 12,000 people in keeping with StatsCanada.

While the Fundy Regional Service Commission will still accept recycling outside of town, on Crane Mountain, the Saint John Landlords Association says those whose landlords include recycling will probably should pay more for rent.

“You bought to know where the prices are coming from and why. And it’s not the landlords which might be driving that up,” said Gerry Webster.

“Landlords keep downloading costs on them, and the tenants get used to it, since you’re going to should pay for it. There’s no other way.”

The Recent Brunswick Tenants Coalition has been feeling mixed reactions throughout the week but says that in a time where they feel landlords have already been squashing social rights, not having the ability to recycle inside the city is one other blow.

“This is evident discrimination. It’s a transparent violation of human rights,” said Jael Duarte.

“Even in the event that they had the desire, they probably don’t have the cash or the chance to take the recycling to the positioning or pay a personal company to do it.”

The City of Saint John said they’ve been working with property owners recently and have been hearing feedback from the general public. It also really helpful that residents who were using the food market blue bins speak to their landlords about getting more recycling on-site.

“They need to actually advance discussions with their landlord or their property owners,” said Tim O’Reilly, director of Public Works for the City of Saint John.

“Saving on that expensive garbage removal on the landfill, and we’re hoping that the environmental steward efforts, in addition to the financial saving, is something that could be realized by apartment owners.”

Town will likely be charging for bag tags for garbage bags that don’t fit within the bin, at a toonie a bit. Town said it should help them recuperate a few of the losses.

— With files from Karla Renic. 


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