The Manitoba government is investing $8.7 million towards waste diversion initiatives with the goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and helping create what government officials call a “circular economy” in Manitoba.

In a news release, Manitoba Environment, Climate and Parks Minister Jeff Wharton says that Manitoba residents are working hard with a view to protect the environment, and this investment will further support organizations that provide services.

“Manitobans make considerable effort to guard the environment through recycling and waste diversion,” Wharton said. “We’re pleased to further this effort by funding recent initiatives and supporting communities and organizations that deliver beneficial services.”

The federal government is making a one-time investment of $120,000 into waste diversion projects with a view to proceed to scale back the quantity of waste ending up in Manitoba landfills. An Indigenous-led social enterprise in Winnipeg called Mother Earth Recycling will receive $30,000 to assist expand its capability to recycle plastic components from children’s automotive seats.

General Manager of Mother Earth Recycling Jessica Floresco says their organization takes on a multi-factored approach on the subject of benefitting the community.

“Our operation’s success has been in consequence of taking up difficult to recycle materials while maintaining a triple bottom line that considers people, planet and profit,” explained Floresco. “We achieve this by caring for the planet through revolutionary recycling initiatives, and creating employment and training opportunities for Indigenous individuals who face barriers to employment.”

Other organizations receiving funding include the Product Care Association (PCA) and the Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers (MARR). The PCA focuses on northern communities with the goal of collecting and properly disposing of hazardous household waste like spray-foam containers and propane. It would be receiving $700,000. MARR is a non-profit that focuses on education will receive $50,000, with the goal of sharing information and facilitating collaboration between its members.

The Manitoba Government can be providing $875,000 to the Manitoba Composts Support Payments, with a view to proceed the diversion of organic waste from landfills.

The cash for these initiatives comes from the Waste Reduction and Recycling Support (WRARS) program. In accordance with the province, WRARS-based initiatives have helped divert greater than 130,000 tonnes of waste from Manitoba landfills every year, which in turn extends the lifetime of existing landfills, machinery, infrastructure, and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

The whole list of WRARS projects may be found on the Government of Manitoba website.


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