Green Party of Canada's Response to Hurricane Fiona

Green Party of Canada Interim Leader Dr. Amita Kuttner and Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich Gulf Islands spoke out today concerning the disasters possibly expected this weekend. “After over 100 days of maximum drought, rain is finally coming. We must always be completely satisfied, but we’ve got seen play before.” said Dr. Kuttner. “The soil is just too dry. The soil is not going to absorb the moisture. It can repel it.” “The climate emergency directly drives dangerous and abrupt swings in our rainfall patterns – going from drought to flood. And we’re clearly not ready.” said Dr. Kuttner.

Minister Guilbeault has promised an adaptation technique to be released in November. “We expect the federal government to think they solve the flooding risk by improving insurance. Yet, with near zero capability to watch and avoid flood risk, with an extended delayed Canada Water Agency, we’re more susceptible to flooding now than we were thirty years ago,” said Elizabeth May.

Greens submitted our suggestions on adaptation to the federal government. “We included the clear have to be prepared to make use of the Emergencies Act to handle climate disasters. If the federal government had used the Public Welfare facets of the emergencies act last summer, it is probably going the 700 BC residents who died in the warmth dome may be alive today,” said Elizabeth May.

In anticipation of a government announcement of some type of Canada Water Agency, the Green Party of Canada is asking for the Canada Water Agency to be a completely independent agency. This implies a Government of Canada Agency that has an Agency Head reporting to a Minister much like the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Water is currently disconnected and uncoordinated across greater than twenty departments. It could be key in establishing the agency to require it’s rooted in Indigenous rights and sovereignty, including co-governance, co-drafting, and outlining the critical role of Indigenous Peoples in sustainable water management.


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