If successful this election, Hunter can also be proposing a guaranteed livable income to all who need it within the province, no matter what the federal government is offering, as considered one of the party’s top platform points.

“We want a guaranteed livable income in Saskatchewan with COVID-19 having a second wave about to hit. That is something that might be certain that that every one people were taken care of and it could be a security net that might deal with everyone,” Hunter said.

“And never create a system where there are loopholes where, I mean, we saw it within the federal situation where (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau needed to rise up every single day and take a look at to fill in all of the gaps of how the (Canada Emergency Response Profit) wasn’t quite reaching everyone. A guaranteed livable income would be certain that to take care of everybody.”

To cover the prices of implementing these, the Green Party leader is proposing a better corporate tax.

“Here in Saskatchewan, the industries that currently may very well be paying for all of which can be getting away almost scot-free. A few of our biggest industries on this province … aren’t paying their fair proportion of taxes,” Hunter said.

“They’re owned by people outside of this province and I would love to see a wealth tax. I need to be certain that that those at the highest are paying their fair proportion and only a one per cent tax on the wealthiest would actually pay for all of the social programming and the climate change positions that I need to see occur on this province.”

The Saskatchewan Green Party hasn’t had an elected MLA since its inception in 1998.

Besides the Green Party, NDP and Saskatchewan Party, the three other parties running within the election are the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan, the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, and the Saskatchewan Liberal Party.

Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe and Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili will square off on Oct. 14 at 6:05 p.m. in a debate that will likely be broadcast continue to exist Global Regina and Saskatoon and on globalnews.ca.

The province’s twenty ninth general election is scheduled to happen on Oct. 26.

–With files from Anna McMillan


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