The City of Regina executive committee has weighed in on how much they think Regina residents should pay for garbage collection services as the brand new green compost bin is introduced in Regina.

During Wednesday’s meeting, the manager committee voted unanimously in favour to approve an option which might see that green, blue and brown bin collections all develop into paid for by user fees fairly than through property taxes.

“All of those options are going to cost us more cash,” said Ward 8 Coun. Shanon Zachidniak. “There’s no option that’s going to cost less for a recent waste diversion and if we don’t do that properly, we’re going to pay again later with a recent landfill.”

Recycling is currently paid for through user fees charged on monthly utility bills, while garbage is paid for by property taxes.

The brand new recommendations include all waste collection develop into subject to user fees at a price of $0.53/day or $193.45 per yr for a 240L garbage cart and $0.78/day or $284.70 per yr for a 360L garbage cart. This fee covers all three bins.

The fees are slated to start in January 2024, the identical time as the brand new compost cart are introduces.

As a part of the proposal, residents will have the opportunity to make a choice from the present 360-litre garbage cart or a smaller 240-litre cart for a lesser fee.

City council may have the ultimate vote on the proposal at next week’s meeting.

The chief committee discussion Wednesday also focused on how the brand new system will help divert waste to town landfill and extend its lifecycle.

Regina’s waste diversion rate has remained at roughly 20 per cent since 2015.Town’s goal is seeing the waste diversion rate increase to 65 per cent and lengthen the lifetime of town landfill.

A recent landfill is estimated to cost, in line with city administration, “over $100 million.”


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