Today, Leader Mike Scheriner launched The Green Plan: New solutions to old problems ahead of the June election.

TORONTO — Today, Leader Mike Schreiner launched The Green Plan: Recent solutions to old problems ahead of the June election.

“Our vision is for the Ontario all of us want — caring, connected, and prepared for the brand new climate economy,” Schreiner said on the announcement in Toronto alongside Deputy Leaders Dianne Saxe and Abhijeet Manay. “And with our full slate of strong, diverse candidates, we have now the leadership able to deliver on it.”

“We want latest solutions to the decades-long problems that the old-line parties have simply failed to resolve.”

The Green Plan includes 6 key priorities:

  1. Homes not highways
  2. Mental health is health
  3. Recent Climate Economy
  4. Respect for People and Employees
  5. Reinvest in health and education
  6. Protect nature

“The half measures of the opposite parties will only paper over the cracks in Ontario’s foundation,” Schreiner said. “Now we have to act now to tackle housing affordability, address the climate emergency and improve our health. We cannot afford to attend.”

Please find the total platform at:


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