A month after an alarming report on climate change was released which found Canada is warming at twice the worldwide rate, and thrice the worldwide rate within the north, the federal government is committing $8 million in funding to support green initiatives within the Northwest Territories.

The federal government announced on Friday that it’s going to be providing the funding through its Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund to the Northwest Territories’ Greenhouse Gas Grant Program for Buildings and Industry.

In line with a news release issued by the federal government, this system will “support projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heating, electricity, transportation, and industrial processes,” and can lower the upfront cost of energy-efficiency retrofits like space heating boiler and district heating systems.

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The federal government of the Northwest Territories can be specializing in climate motion that reduces emissions in the commercial sector, which is one in every of the first emissions sources within the territory, the discharge says.

“We’re taking real motion on climate change through renewable energy, fuel substitution, and energy efficiency retrofits for our territory’s industrial and business sectors,” Northwest Territories MP Michael McLeod said in a the discharge.

The report released last month by Environment and Climate Change Canada also found the warming is “effectively irreversible,” and is going on even faster within the winter, leaving southern Canadians with more winter rainfall and northern Canadians with melting permafrost and fewer sea ice.

“People within the Northwest Territories are feeling the impacts of climate change of their communities,” the discharge reads. “Canadians wish to fight climate change, to be a part of the answer, which is why Canada and the Northwest Territories are working together to scale back pollution, create good jobs, and support healthy communities.”

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Wally Schumann, minister of infrastructure and industry, tourism and investment for the federal government of the Northwest Territories, says the announcement will enable the territory to transition to a “strong, healthy economy that’s less depending on fossil fuels.”

-With a file from The Canadian Press


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