David Zeni, GPO Candidate for Mississauga—Lakeshore

MISSISSAUGA– The Green Party of Ontario is proud to announce that David Zeni has been nominated as its candidate for Mississauga—Lakeshore ahead of the 2022 provincial election.

Zeni is a math and science teacher and Mathematics department head at St. Paul Secondary School. He lives in Mississauga—Lakeshore and is a father of two.

“I feel that climate change is the most important single issue facing each the province and the country,” Zeni said. “I’m committed to constructing a greener, healthier and more livable future for my kids, students and all children and youth across Ontario.”

“As a teacher and father, David understands the challenges that climate change poses to children and youth in Ontario,” Ontario Greens Leader Mike Schreiner said. “He will likely be a powerful and principled voice for youth and his community at Queen’s Park.”

With a tutorial background in plant biochemistry and ecology from Queen’s University, Zeni recognizes the importance of preserving Ontario’s biodiversity. He can be dedicated to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and meeting net-zero carbon targets to make sure the planet can sustain future generations.

As a passionate sailor, windsurfer and outdoor sports enthusiast, Zeni is conscious about the environmental challenges facing each the area people and the province.


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