The leader of the Green Party of Ontario, Mike Schreiner, made a campaign stop in Barrie Thursday morning.

He’s the primary of the leaders to make their solution to Simcoe County prematurely of the provincial election which will likely be held June 7.

At Green Party candidate for Barrie-Innisfil, Bonnie North’s campaign kickoff, Shreiner addressed a crowd of Green supporters, citing growing public interest within the Green Party, record level membership, and record fundraising throughout the campaign.

Shreiner says the following few weeks are crucial for the Green Party.

“We’re going to be out working really hard connecting with voters, and just talking to them about how we will do politics in a different way in Ontario. So many individuals tell me they’re sick and bored with the three established order parties, and elected Greens across Canada have shown people we will do politics in a different way, that’s the type of people-powered change we wish to take to Queens Park.”

By way of what a Simcoe County seat would mean for the Green Party, Shreiner said it’s about having an elected member who would recommend policies that might create jobs that put the people and the planet first.

“That way we will leap into the longer term now and create those good clean economy jobs today, that way we will address the housing affordability crisis, the mental health crisis, we will ensure everyone has the fundamental income guarantee, and I comprehend it’s so vital, particularly within the Simcoe County region to guard our farmland and our water,” he says.

As for Monday’s first leader’s debate, Shreiner called it a “complete circus,” and a “gong show.”

“It tells you why and it shows you why persons are so sick and bored with the three established order parties. They spent the entire time tearing one another down as a substitute of constructing Ontario up.” Shreiner says the Green party is willing to work with any party that’s willing to recommend policies that “put people first.”

To the people who find themselves frustrated with the present political system, Shreiner says they should stop voting out of fear. “Start voting for what you suspect in. Since the only way we’re going to have a government that delivers what you suspect in is to vote for a celebration that you just imagine in. That’s the Green Party of Ontario,” he said.

The 2018 Ontario general election will mark the third time Shreiner has run as leader of the party. In accordance with Shreiner, the Green Party is trying to make history this time around.

Shreiner shouldn’t be the one leader who will make an appearance in town. Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne is scheduled to make a campaign stop in Barrie Thursday evening, Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford is scheduled to stop for a rally Friday evening, and Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is anticipated to make a stop sooner or later this weekend.


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