All Regina residents can expect green carts to be added to their homes in 2023.

The brand new food and yard waste service will begin rolling out in late 2023 and can act very like the rubbish and recycling services which can be currently in place in the town.

The bin largely used for compost was in a pilot project for the last two years in numerous communities around Regina.

As preparations for the launch proceed to progress, Regina city council is now considering how residents pays for the expanded trio of curbside waste services.

Currently, residents pay in alternative ways for every of the 2 existing curbside collection services. A user fee on the town’s utility bill is charged for the blue cart recycling service, while the brown cart service for garbage is paid for through property taxes.

4 options were presented to city council for consideration.

The primary two options involve a mixture of user fees and property taxes, while the third option is that the prices of all three services are covered by property taxes. The fourth option involves the user fees funding all three services.

As of Thursday, administration is recommending that garbage be not funded by property taxes, but moderately that each one three collection services be funded by user fees that appear on city utility bills.

If approved, the user fee approach would allow residents to pick from two garbage cart sizes: the scale widely used today at 360 litres or a smaller 240-litre option available for a lower fee.

“The beneficial funding policy is designed to encourage waste reduction and waste diversion,” the City of Regina said in a press release. “Residents who waste less, pay less. User fees on utility bills also provide residents with clearer information in regards to the costs of waste services.”

The Curbside Waste Collection Funding Policy might be considered by the chief committee on Wednesday, Oct. 19. The policy have to be considered and approved by city council at a future meeting before taking effect.


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