The Ontario election is underway, and meaning the varied campaigns have activated their electoral war rooms.

Election war rooms: where proxy gladiators practise the refined art of disinformation dissemination and aim to idiot as most of the people for as much of the time as possible.

The imagined visual of war room occupants could also be of pudgy, bespectacled party patriots displaying various stages of posture failure, battling Guyon’s canal stenosis, cubital tunnel syndrome and computer vision syndrome (all real maladies, by the way in which) while creating the day’s quota of false leads and custom-designed political messaging. Algorithms should not exclusively social media weaponry.

Ever wonder how much the political war rooms find out about you, about your preferences, about whether you might be swayed to alter whom, they’ve concluded, is your likely voting alternative on June 7? I’m willing to bet they could have been in a position to deduce whether your preference is boxers or briefs.

The competing PC, Liberal and NDP chambres du combat will vie to divert your attention.

Kathleen Wynne will appear in no hydro-related thematics. Latest Democrats and Andrea Horwath will convey business as bad and message entrepreneurs as greedy, no less than subliminally. Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives will pound away at Ontario indebtedness with silent visuals of Wynne and Horwath as tax and spend lefties.

WATCH: Ontario Liberal Party releases attack ads targeting Doug Ford

Since nobody has asked me, here’s advice to the Ford war room for the most effective attack ad against Kathleen Wynne.

Scene: a dark room. A match is struck. The flickering light briefly illuminates a lightweight switch. A hand flips the switch. The room goes dark again.

You’re welcome, Doug.

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