Mike Schreiner made the following statement in response to the new electric battery vehicle plant in Windsor:

WINDSOR– Mike Schreiner made the next statement in response to the brand new electric battery vehicle plant in Windsor:

“Doug Ford’s lively hostility to electric vehicles (EVs) until the past six months means Ontario is playing catch up as jurisdictions just like the USA soar ahead.

While today’s announcement is a superb news story and one other Green victory, Ontario is lagging behind and should be more aggressive in attracting investment and jobs.

Auto corporations poured $11.5 billion into EV manufacturing in Tennessee and Kentucky last yr alone.

Ontario needs to be getting a much larger share of the EV pie, but Doug Ford only just began turning the oven on to bake.

Increasing demand for EVs will help fan the flames of the oven faster.

That’s why we’d like a government in Ontario with an actual plan to make EVs inexpensive for the common Ontarian and develop a mining-to-manufacturing EV supply chain.

Ontario Greens will implement EV money incentives of as much as $10,000 for brand new vehicle purchases and $1,000 for e-bikes. And Greens will put money into sustainable mining so we are able to have a homegrown, made-in-Ontario EV supply chain that leads the brand new climate economy.”

For more information on the Ontario Greens’ Roadmap to Net-Zero climate plan: gpo.ca/climate.


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