Ontario Greens statement on racism


TORONTO — Mike Schreiner made the next statement in response to news of Annamie Paul’s resignation:

“I would like to thank Annamie Paul for her daring and daring leadership. And for her commitment to constructing a more green, equitable and caring Toronto, Ontario and Canada.

Annamie is a crucial voice in Canadian politics. And I used to be proud to campaign along with her.

Her election as the primary Black Jewish woman to steer a serious Canadian political party was a historic milestone. Her strong performance on the national debate stage will encourage others to follow her lead.

Being a trailblazer also has its unique challenges. And I do know that many individuals will probably be asking some essential questions today.

I’m sad that systemic barriers exist in all parts of our society, including political parties.

As leader of the Ontario Greens, I cannot speak for the federal party, but I do recognize that the party I lead has more work to do to combat systemic racism. I’m committed to doing the labor to construct a celebration that’s diverse, inclusive and welcoming.

We’d like more Green voices to push for urgent motion on the climate crisis playing out before us. Having diverse Green voices is important to success.

I would like to thank Annamie Paul for being considered one of those voices. Thanks to your daring, daring and resilient leadership. I wish you all the perfect.”


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