Cody Zulinski, GPO candidate for Carleton, Ontario

Cody Zulinski is a 32-year-old teacher and writer living in Stittsville, Ontario. For 3 years, Cody worked as assistant to Stittsville’s city councillor, compiling newsletters, addressing local issues, and connecting with constituents, before pursuing his lifelong passion to be an educator.

As a highschool teacher, Cody has witnessed the devastating effects of Doug Ford’s cuts to our once world-class education system. He decided to develop into a teacher out of the need to create a greater system for youth to grow up in; now, he’s running because the Green Party candidate for Carleton for a similar reason.

From Metcalfe to Richmond, Cody has worked in all corners of the riding and understands that we’d like to guard local agriculture and preserve our planet for the following generation. He recognizes that the unsustainability of unregulated capitalism jeopardizes the long run of our housing market, our climate, and our livelihoods. He also acknowledges that integrity means taking a stand to do what is correct, even when that will not be the best path.

As a candidate, Cody plans on channeling science-backed reasoning to teach voters on issues and encourage his students to take motion and be the change they wish to see on the planet.


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