The Ontario Greens’ Roadmap for Net-Zero climate plan will make EVs more accessible and affordable than fossil fuel vehicles.


QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the next statement in response to Doug Ford’s press conference this morning:

“Doug Ford’s aversion to electric vehicles has contributed significant economic damage for Ontario and set the province backwards because the world embraces the green economy.

One in every of his first moves in office was to tear up Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. And just last week he opposed EV rebates and claimed EVs are just for millionaires.

Ontarians know why we want to go electric, they wish to go electric, and we might help them do it.

Today’s announcement is encouraging, but Doug Ford stays out of touch with what Ontarians need as a way to transition to electric vehicles.

The green transition must be rooted in equity. It must be inexpensive for everybody.

That’s why the Ontario Greens’ Roadmap for Net-Zero climate plan will make EVs more accessible and inexpensive than fossil fuel vehicles through feebates, rental systems, incentives geared to income and a Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) mandate.

And we’re going to take a position in EV infrastructure and amend the constructing code to require latest homes to have EV charging equipment installed. While requiring existing parking lots and garages to put in access to EV charging in 75% of parking spots by 2035.

Our plan would scale back fossil fuel use in vehicles in half by 2030 and to net-zero by 2040.

It’s an actual plan for real climate motion.

Ontario is well positioned to construct on strengths in mining, innovation, financing and auto manufacturing to construct a powerful EV manufacturing strategy and electric transportation industry supply chain.

But Doug Ford’s anti-climate agenda isn’t helping.

Ontario Greens have the true leadership to construct a cleaner, more prosperous future for Ontario. To construct the world we would like. Let’s start.”

For more details on the Ontario Greens’ electric vehicle plan, please visit


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