David Robinson, GPO Candidate for Sudbury


SUDBURY — The Green Party of Ontario is proud to announce that David Robinson has been nominated as its candidate for Sudbury ahead of the 2022 provincial election. Robinson previously represented the party in Sudbury within the 2015 by-election and 2018 general election.

“The Ontario Greens are the one party within the province with a serious plan to tackle the climate emergency,” Robinson said. “It’s going to take real motion to avoid climate disaster — the half measures and compromises that the opposite parties are offering won’t cut it.”

Robinson was a professor for 36 years at Laurentian University specializing in resource and environmental economics, and served as Director of the Institute for Northern Ontario Research and Development.

“David has a deep knowledge of the climate, economic and regional issues facing northern Ontario,” said Ontario Greens Leader Mike Schreiner. “He knows what it’s going to take to tackle the climate emergency and foster a powerful economy that may create good jobs to make Sudbury, the North and Ontario a greener place.”

Robinson is a printed creator on the topics of community forestry, Game Theory, and northern Ontario development. He founded the School of Architecture for Northern Ontario and was a senior fellow on the Northern Ontario Policy Institute.


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