Provincial election 2022 - Provincial leaders debate today, two more candidates, the Blue and the Green in Algoma Manitoulin

FONOM conference underway – leaders’ debate today

The Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities conference is underway in North Bay.

“Big Data – Big Ideas” is the theme on the agenda including municipal workshops and discussions, guest speakers, an update on Ontario Northland, and more.

The highlight event is the provincial leaders’ debate this afternoon at 1 pm.

The leaders of the 4 sitting parties at Queen’s Park are collaborating with a concentrate on issues affecting Northern Ontario.

The link to view the talk is

(Filed by Brad Aubin)

Latest provincial party, latest candidate in Algoma Manitoulin

There may be one other candidate running within the Algoma-Manitoulin riding running for a latest party.

Ron Koski who lives just outside of Laird is running for the Blue Party of Ontario.

He says his reasons for running are for improving health care and education, improving incomes, and protecting constitutional rights and freedoms.

Koski says he works with the Thunder Bay Therapeutic Riding association and is the Emergency Services Shift Supervisor and Marine Facility Security Officer for the Port of Algoma working for the security and security of his co-workers and the general public.

For more information on Koski’s campaign and the party, visit our web sites for the link.

The link is and a direct email to Koski is

Green Party names candidate for Algoma-Manitoulin

The Green Party has confirmed they’ll have a candidate within the Algoma-Manitoulin riding.

The party has named Maria Legeault as their candidate.

Legeault is currently an energetic member of ClimateActionWR’s Transportation Sector Committee and the Green Party of Ontario.

For more information on the Green Party platform, visit


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