It’s time to get serious about plastic waste

Plastic pollution is the second biggest environmental threat after climate change. Plastic waste is in all places – in our streets and parks, in our rivers, in huge trash islands within the ocean. And with microplastics traveling up the chain into the food supply, now it’s even in us.

And should you thought that when the Trudeau government announced a ban on single-use plastics the issue was solved – reconsider!

The draft regulations outlining how the “ban” will likely be rolled out are so weak and stuffed with loopholes, we’re left to wonder if the federal government is basically serious about addressing this scourge.

First off, the regulations exclude lots of essentially the most common single-use plastic items found littering our beaches – coffee cups and lids, for instance. Worse yet, they permit items banned in Canada to proceed being manufactured here and exported to other countries – it still leads to the ocean but possibly it won’t wash up on our beaches.

This must not stand.

Plastic pollution is a worldwide crisis and it’s time to start out acting prefer it.

Please sign this letter to Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault urging him to strengthen the federal government’s proposed Single-Use Prohibition Regulations?

And thanks for adding your voice.


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