Thomas Yanuziello, GPO Candidate for Etobicoke—Lakeshore

TORONTO — The Green Party of Ontario is proud to announce that Thomas Yanuziello has been nominated as its candidate for Etobicoke—Lakeshore ahead of the 2022 provincial election.

Yanuziello is an Autonomous Vehicle Operator and is directly involved in driving the long run of Ontario’s electric industrial vehicle industry. He envisions a prosperous and healthy future for Etobicoke–Ontario.

“I need to assist construct a future where everyone can afford a house locally they work in, powered by clean energy, with clean water and breathable air,” Yanuziello said. “A future where fresh produce is grown locally and where everyone has access to reasonably priced mental and physical health care.”

“Thomas is on the frontlines of the green transition,” Ontario Greens Leader Mike Schreiner said. “He knows what it’s going to take to construct a greener, cleaner and healthier Ontario for all.”

Having lived in various towns and cities across the province, Yanuziello at all times looks for opportunities to volunteer and help his area people. He holds a B.A. from the University of Windsor.


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