The City of Regina executive council is looking into introducing a “speed-on-green” initiative with hopes of partnering with Saskatoon to present a plan to the province.

The proposed initiative, discussed at a recent City of Regina executive meeting, monitors motorists who speed through traffic lights via cameras.

The City of Regina also checked out a three-year review of the Red Light Safety Program following the 2019 implementation of the brand new digital red light technology. The update incorporates information on violations, accident and collision data, the effectiveness of this system, enhancements to safety and a general overview of this system.

The Regina city council meeting, held on Sept. 7, included talks in regards to the potential to expand this system to other locations and on the committee’s interest in engagement and collaboration with the province and implementing a speed-on-green initiative.

“I’m persuaded this may increase safety, particularly for pedestrians from cars turning right,” said Coun. Bob Hawkins. “I’m also persuaded especially that the proven fact that Saskatoon and other cities have successfully done this.”

Hawkins was concerned over the high number of individuals — 43,944 — the report said stepped on the gas going between 50 and 60 kilometres an hour in a one-year timeframe.

“This strikes me as a really serious safety problem,” said Hawkins. “I actually think now we have to do something about this.”

Executive director of citizen services Kim Onrait said this shouldn’t be only a Regina issue and hopes to open the conversation up with Saskatoon to jointly approach the province to ask for a change within the traffic act by implementing the speed-on-green initiative.

“I feel by way of having a conversation with Saskatoon and with the ability to put a letter together, that may occur in a short time,” said Onrait. “I’m undecided on the response time back from the province.”

Onrait hopes to supply a solution at next week’s City of Regina council meeting on how quickly they will team up with the City of Saskatoon to present to the province.



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