Pakistan Post Office Department: AGP highlights Rs3.5bn irregularities - Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has raised audit remark amounting to Rs3.5 billion throughout the audit of the Pakistan Post Office Department.

The AGP in its audit report on the accounts of the postal sector audit yr 2021-22 has identified irregularities of Rs815.950 million related to procurement and management of accounts with industrial banks, Rs112.47 million related to cases of fraud, embezzlement and misappropriation, Rs386 million to value for money and repair delivery issues and receivables of Rs1.28 billion.

Through the audit of PPOD for the yr 2020-21, it was observed that in 12 formations, the management detected 28 cases of fraud, misappropriation, embezzlement of presidency money and dacoity involving Rs54 million on account of saving bank payment, pension payment, value payable articles, utilities bills collection and motorcar tax collection.

It was observed that the department didn’t complete the disciplinary actions against the officers/officials involved in these cases, the quantity was also not recovered. Through the audit of PPOD for the yr 2020-21 it was observed that in three formations, an amount of Rs40 million was fraudulently withdrawn through fake signatures of pensioners by the concerned GPO staff.

Further, in some cases, it was also observed that applications and affidavits against which payment were made, weren’t signed by the pensioners and pensions for a similar period was paid on different dates using fake names and signatures.

In some cases, the arrears of pensions were shown as paid to pensions without fulfilment of the codal formalities.

It was observed that six formations of PPOD incurred an expenditure of Rs141.45 million on account of printing of stationery and forms from M/s Pakistan Post Foundation without obtaining the rates from M/s Printing Corporation of Pakistan in violation of instruction, due to this fact, the expenditure incurred on this account was held irregular.

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