Ontario Green Party election sign vandalized

Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner issued a press release Monday ahead of the controversy after learning that not less than one in all his candidate’s election signs was targeted by hateful and misogynistic vandalism.

Krystal Brooks, the candidate for Simcoe-North, posted a message to social media earlier within the day asking voters why they “don’t see many ladies or minorities in politics.”

What followed was a video of one in all her election signs with the next words written on it: “Return to the reserve B***.”

On the opposite side it said “suck one other one w****” with a crude drawing in black marker.

“Politics have never welcomed us with open arms,” Brooks said in her post. “I do know what I signed up for and that these things happens and will be expected. Knowing doesn’t make it easier though. “

“This though is precisely why victims/survivors of human trafficking stay silent. It is also why you do not see many ladies, BIPOC and LGBTQ2S people in politics.”

In a press release, Schreiner said that he stands with Brooks and condemns the vandalism, calling it “abuse” while saying it has no place in politics.

“Ontario Greens are committed to constructing a more equitable and anti-racist province. And that starts with empowering and lifting up the voices of our strong and diverse candidates like Krystal.”

This isn’t the primary instance of an election sign being vandalized in Ontario. The NDP candidate for Kanata-Carleton posted photos of her campaign signs with graffiti, including one saying “witch” and Toronto police are investigating after someone spray-painted the word “Nazi” on the signs of a Liberal candidate.


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