The Ontario government recommend a proposal Monday to overhaul the blue box recycling program within the province, as a part of Waste Reduction Week.

Jeff Yurek, Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks made the announcement, saying the province is aiming to create a “stronger and more practical blue box program that truly works.”

Included within the overhaul is the expansion of what items may be recycled and holding business accountable who produce and package products that create a number of waste.

Yurek said the proposed recent list of things accepted will include plastic cups, foils, trays and bags.

Single use items reminiscent of stir sticks, straws, cutlery and plates can even be permitted in blue bins under the proposal.

He said the province can even expand blue box services to more smaller and rural communities with populations under 5,000.

The federal government said the brand new regulations would also transition the prices of this system away from municipal governments to waste producers.

“By harnessing the innovation and ingenuity of industry and expanding recycling opportunities for people and businesses across the province, we are able to divert more waste away from landfills by finding recent purposes for products and reinserting them back into the economy,” Yurek said.

The estimated cost of the changes would save municipal governments $135 million a 12 months.

The blue box program can even be expanded into apartments, long-term care facilities, schools and parks in 2026.

A draft of the brand new regulation will probably be open for Ontarians to comment on and supply feedback up until Dec. 2 here.

–With files from The Canadian Press


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