A Green Party of Canada candidate in London, Ont., is eliminating traditional campaign signs in favour of a way that’s more environmentally friendly.

In his first foray into federal politics, Tom Cull is vying for a seat in London-Fanshawe.

When it got here time for London’s former poet laureate to start out producing campaign signs, Cull decided to make use of the chance to reflect the Green party’s message.

“We worked with a neighborhood artist named Angie Quick … who helped us develop a silk-screen method,” Cull said.

The silk-screen method, called photo emulsion, allows Cull’s team to print designs onto yard-waste bags or pieces of paper, that are then wheat-pasted onto recycled cardboard.

It’s been nearly per week since Cull posted his first tweet promoting the brand new signs.

In that point, the Green party candidate says he’s received positive feedback.

“We’ve been contacted by various Green party candidates from across Canada which are keen on the method,” Cull said.

When asked if the signs will stand the test of time, weather or whatever else may deteriorate traditional campaign signs, Cull replied no.

Also campaigning to represent the London-Fanshawe riding are Liberal candidate Mohamed Hammoud, Conservative candidate Michael van Holst, NDP candidate Lindsay Mathyssen and People’s Party of Canada candidate Bela Kosoian.


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