El-Qula'n Village - file

CAIRO – 3 October 2022: Coinciding with Egypt’s hosting of the COP27 summit in November, the village of l-Qula’an within the Red Sea was transformed right into a sustainable ecological model village. 


This comes as a part of the country’s efforts to adopt sustainable development as a part of its agenda. 


The goal was to rework the village of El-Qula’an in Marsa Alam right into a sustainable eco-village to realize sustainability and tourism development without changing the natural features, with the belief of the management of the Red Sea Reserves.




The village of El-Qula’an, positioned inside the Wadi El-Gamal Reserve, relies on a solar energy plant because the source of energy, as a part of achieving the goal of being the primary environmentally friendly village resulting from its distinguished location. 


The village has the mangrove forests, which are a magnet for tourists from all around the world.


A water desalination plant was established contained in the village of El-Qula’an, also powered by solar energy, producing 10 square kilometers of water per day. The village includes 14 wood houses just like the homes of the Ababda tribes, which were built with the assistance of the Red Sea Governorate in cooperation with other parties.


The water desalination plant that was operated within the village of El-Qula’an features a purification plant for water tanks, resulting from the high rates of purification of potable water.


A novel eco-tourism planning and conception based mainly on maintaining sustainability and achieving the event of eco-tourism has been developed without changing the features of the region.


The village has an outlet for the sale of handicrafts, which is operated within the Abu Ghosoun workshop, in addition to one other outlet for the sale of leather products.


This village plays a significant role within the ecological balance, because the mangrove trees in it absorb water and filter the salt, declaring that the migratory birds lay their eggs between these trees.


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