Green Party of Canada's Response to Hurricane Fiona


MISSISSAUGA, ON – Mississauga-Lakeshore Green Party Electoral District Association (EDA) Founder Mary Kidnew will represent the Green Party within the riding’s upcoming federal by-election. 

A multi-hyphenate volunteer and lifelong Mississauga resident, Mary Kidnew has never shied away from a challenge. Increasingly concerned concerning the climate crisis and social inequities, she contacted the Green Party of Canada to find how she could volunteer, only to find that no Green Party organization existed in her Mississauga-Lakeshore riding—yet. 

Never one to be discouraged, she decided to found the EDA herself. She gathered together a small but mighty team of volunteers, submitted the EDA application to Elections Canada, and have become officially recognized within the spring of 2021. 

Mere months after the EDA’s founding, a snap election was called. Kidnew rallied her volunteers around candidate Elizabeth Robertson, helping to plant the seeds for future Green motion within the riding. 

Now, her time has come.

With the resignation of Liberal MP Sven Spengemann, she’s decided to place herself forward as a candidate within the upcoming federal by-election. “I need to work and serve our beautiful community in a bigger capability where I do know that I can affect real change,” she says. “I need to have the option to support and lift up all of the groups, organizations, businesses and other people of our community while finding ways to steward the land by protecting the land, air, water, and wildlife.”

Her extensive volunteer credentials and engagement with the area people signifies that she has an intuitive understanding of the region’s needs and is well-equipped to represent Mississauga-Lakeshore in Ottawa. 

Presently, she sits on the advocacy committee for the Compass Food Bank, volunteers as a Scouter with Scouts Canada, serves as Treasurer of Clarkson Lorne Park Tball (CLP), and in addition acts as Property & Maintenance Director at Fairfields Swimming Club.

Her wide-ranging volunteer history includes: CEO of the Mississauga-Lakeshore Federal Green Party Association (EDA), President of the Hillcrest Ratepayers Association (HRA), tball coach with Clarkson Lorne Park Tball (CLP), President/Membership Director of Fairfields Swimming Club, Coordinator of Mom’s Time Out (MTO) and parent volunteer with the Peel District School Board. 

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