May emphasized her pledge to make this the last federal election to make use of the “first past the post” system — a promise Justin Trudeau made in 2015 after which broke.

Launching a residents’ assembly on electoral reform to make recommendations on learn how to “make every vote count” would “protect us from a future, dictator-style populist,” May said.

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“They might get 100 per cent of the ability with lower than 50 per cent of the favored vote,” she said. “We’ve got to alter our voting system before that individual comes along. We’ve got to inoculate democracy against a future leader for Canada that we’d right away find unacceptable and appalling. I’m speaking of a hypothetical person, nobody particularly.”

Other guarantees include studying the impacts of adopting a shorter work week so there’s work for more people, lowering the federally set price on legal cannabis, and increasing funding to the CBC.

 — With files from Liam Casey


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