Alberta Green party says it won’t run candidates against some Liberals and NDs

CALGARY – The Green Party of Alberta says it won’t run candidates against some Liberals and Recent Democrats in the subsequent provincial election.

The Greens say in a release that they won’t contest two Liberal and 4 NDP constituencies. Additionally they say they may not run against Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark.

In return, Green party Leader Janet Keeping says she’d just like the three left-of-centre parties to not run against her in Calgary-Fort.

Keeping says the Greens have no real interest in a merger. But she adds the Greens would really like to co-operate with the opposite parties to eliminate the 44-year-old Progressive Conservative government.

“Now we have a definite set of policies and principles that, as climate change worsens, will eventually prevail,” Keeping says of her party.

“But we realize Alberta desperately needs a special government as soon as possible.”

“A PC party that was a breath of fresh air way back in 1971 has over time taken on a culture of entitlement to power and turn out to be little greater than the mouthpiece of the hydrocarbon industries (oil, gas and coal) and the rich.

“We’re able to co-operate with the opposite non-conservative parties to assist bring about change.”


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