Guiscela Perez Arellano also took a break in her campaign after feeling overshadowed by national issues.

“The federal election just got here in and took over and it took all of the highlight. It was very hard to go against that,” she explained.

Now she’s attempting to get her name and platform on the market in unconventional ways — opting to present away products from local businesses.

“We now have all this campaign money and sometimes it’s wasted on lawn signs. I do know a number of people select that venue, I believe we’ve to be more creative,” she said.

Perez Arellano is trying to elucidate the importance of this election to voters, and she or he’s hopeful it’s working.

“They’re realizing that the local election will impact them more directly than the federal one.”

Saggu agrees.

“People should know that council is the one who spends their property tax dollars.”

But time is already running out. The municipal election is on October 18th, with advance polls opening just per week and a half from now, on October 4th.

“Every vote counts for this. We want to make sure that we’ve a robust council moving forward that reflects the priorities of all Edmontonians,” Vass said.


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